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Anyone pick up at the factory after ordering from dealer?


We are planning on purchasing a new Stryker and wondered if anyone has ever picked up a new RV from the factory as we live very close.



Hey John, I live in Florida and went to Indiana to pick mine up -- got a tour of the factory and was able to do a walk through mine with the factory -- all was good so me and the dog went back to Florida and started building her out!! Here's my build-out videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1du7ZoAIgMIW-t5VrYZdg?view_as=subscriber

Thanks for the reply and video link.  Cool stuff.  When you ordered yours through your local dealer, how did they arrange for the factory pickup?  It would be nice to go through the factory for the delivery.  I would love to do that seeing that I live about 2 hours away.



I was given a choice - go get it myself or pay for it to be brought to my Florida dealer. If this brand did not allow me to come pick it up at the factory, I would have gone with another brand that would. You just have to ask the question that's all...

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